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August 29, 2014
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Find out what the new QS Stars rating system can tell you about a university, and what to expect from an institution with highest 'Five Star plus' rating.

QS Stars awards universities with a rating of between One and Five Stars, depending on their performance in eight criteria amongst the following: Research, Teaching, Employability, Internationalization, Facilities, Online / Distance Learning, Innovation, Culture, Access, Engagement and Specialist Criteria.

The rating system aims to give prospective students an additional tool to use when choosing a university, providing deeper insights into individual institutions.

So, what can you expect from each level of university?

One star universities

A typical one star university has established all the key components required to provide a quality service to its students and, in many cases, the foundations upon which to build a stronger domestic reputation.

A one star institution will often have been established within the last twenty years and will be putting in place the leadership and ambition to develop quickly.

Two star universities

A typical two star university is active in research and has an established domestic reputation. The institution is a key part of its local community and will often have begun to consider international opportunities.

Three Star universities
A typical three star university is nationally well recognized, and may have also begun to attract international recognition. This institution maintains a reputable level of research and its graduates are attractive to employers.

Four Star universities
A typical four star university is highly international, demonstrating excellence in both research and teaching. The institution provides an excellent environment for students and faculty.

Five Star universities
A typical five stars university is generally world class in a broad range of areas, enjoys a high reputation and has cutting edge facilities and internationally renowned research and teaching faculty.

Five Star plus universities
A typical five star plus institution is not just world-class, but an elite destination to which the very best students and faculty worldwide will aspire. Its brand name will transform the résumé of anyone connected with it.

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